In a dairy, the creamery is the location of cream processing. Cream is separated from whole milk; pasteurization is done to the skimmed milk and cream separately. Whole milk for sale has had some cream returned to the skimmed milk.

The creamery is the source of butter from a dairy.  While cream is an emulsion of fat-in-water, the process of churning causes a phase inversion to butter which is an emulsion of water-in-fat. Excess liquid as buttermilk is drained off in the process. While modern creameries are automatically controlled industries, the traditional creamery required skilled workers. Traditional tools included the butter churn and Scotch hands.

This creamery, which started in Middleburg, VA as a country store, has expanded its ice cream making operations to Winchester VA. They also have a trailor that goes to events selling their ice cream.

How to Make your Own Sour Cream

The taste of dairy product especially sour cream usually differs from one another. Even, with the right mixture and process, its taste will be different from the first one. In reality, a person cannot recreate the same taste of the cream. The reasons of it are still unknown. Does it matter to recreate its taste? Nope, it is not because the purpose of this dairy product does not rely on its taste but also its nutrition and vitamins.

What is a sour cream?

A sour cream is a fat that obtained by regular cream fermentation. The taste of this cream is a little bit salty and mildly sour. Nowadays it is difficult to obtain quality sour cream even in groceries and store especially an organic one. However, this problem is not an immense deal because a person can create his or her own sour cream.
How to do this:

  • Choose a cream – there are many factors to consider in choosing the best and appropriate cream. First thing to consider is the properties of whipped cream. Whipped cream often yields the thickest sour cream. Secondly, dry milk powder can add and improve the consistency of your sour cream. Lastly, do not consider using any ultra – pasteurized cream because it will just contradict the consistency of your sour cream.
  • Choosing a starter culture – are the base of your sour cream. It is vital if the person to weigh the pros and cons first on any starter culture. Nevertheless, the taste is still delicious even you any starter culture. Using homemade buttermilk or yogurt is an excellent way to raise its taste and nutrition to another level. Combining a small amount of any starter culture will also do the trick.

Making Sour Cream

There are two traditional ways to make a sour cream. Its purpose is to control its texture, and thickness.

Over – night method – controlling your sour cream texture and thickness is a daunting task. It is because there many things to consider, but as you can see it is doable and possible.

Things needed:
2 cups light cream, 3 tablespoons of homemade yogurt or buttermilk, and Canning jar
1)Sterilize and clean the canning jar with boiling water.
2)Pour the two remaining ingredient in it.
3)Cover it tightly, shake it well, and keep it at room’s temperature to obtain the desired thickness.
4)Stir first before serving. Store it in the refrigerator up to 2 to 4 weeks.

Blender method – allows a fast – pace sour cream serving and using the cheese as its base. The resulted variation in texture and flavour will be the same on the first method. This instant method will be handy at some time.

Things needed:
1 – Cup low – fat cheese, 2 tablespoons lemon or citrus juice, 2 tablespoons skim med – milk, and a Blender
1)Pour all the ingredients into the blender.
2)Blend them all together until smooth on medium – high speed.
3)Refrigerate first before serving.

Making your own homemade sour cream is easy and fun. All it needed is to follow the direction carefully. Adding some stuff can be a terrific idea, but be sure to check it if it can add complement to its taste. As a result, homemade sour cream is much better than nothing is!

The best place to see all this happening would be a creamery or dairy. If you are traveling abroad and want to visit a creamery or dairy you can usually arrange to take a guided tour. Make sure you have adequate medical protection if you are looking around tourist attractions and sites overseas. Insurance will cover you for any accidents that may occur while you are visiting. One popular plan is Atlas America insurance.

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